International Leadership Skills

Project “Tri-National Learning and Consulting Teams for Georgian Start-Ups”

Students from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Germany

10-day working period in project groups in Georgia

Personal development and increased job market opportunities


Due to the high unemployment rates of young people in Georgia, the goal of the project was to provide students with incentives, know-how and ideas as a way of improving their chances on the job market. To do so, students from Germany and Azerbaijan travelled to Georgia to visit their fellow students. First of all, they worked together with their lecturers to discuss the conditions and challenges that start-up companies face. They then visited a number of practice partners where they worked out solutions to current issues.

Positive Motives

Over 93% of participants claim to have learned a great deal and have noticed an improvement in their entrepreneurial knowledge. The recommendation rate is 100%. This is mainly due to improved job market opportunities, the internationalisation process and the programme that broadens horizons.

  • Broadening personal horizons
  • International networking
  • Better job opportunities


The project is based on previous projects in Azerbaijan (2016) and Georgia (2017). The project “Tri-National Learning and Consulting Teams for Georgian Start-Ups” was a consistent further development of the format. All the feedback and reported experiences have been positive. The combination of excursions, educational courses and independent project work proved to be particularly enjoyable and will take place again in September 2019 in Azerbaijan.

We are already looking forward to it! This was indeed one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. Thank you very much for such a great opportunity. Thanks to the faculty members and students for this great project. I’ll make sure I put it into practice and I’ll keep you posted about the results.


The project was implemented on the premises of our cooperation partner Tbilisi State University. The Georgian students worked together with students from Azerbaijan University and Koblenz University on the current topics of our practice partners.

For this purpose, lectures by Prof. Dr. Magdalena Stülb, Prof. Dr. Davit Narmania, Dr. Gabriele Wolff, Sven Binder, Laura Waerder, Andro Debugadze, Sofiko Dzhvarsheishvili, Fabrica and Tech Park took place in order to thoroughly prepare the students. Fun was had and the Georgian culture was enjoyed during excursions to the surrounding countryside.

Aserbaijdan University
Tbilisi State University

Practice partners

These companies provided the students with experience during the project.

Hotel Khokhobi is a hotel that was recently opened in Tbilisi. The aim of the consultation was to achieve greater visibility among potential customers.
Alpha is a large insurance company in Georgia and belongs to the Aversi Group. The aim of the consultation was to improve the internal processes.
ForSports is one of the few sports agencies in Georgia. The aim of the consultation was to devise a concept for future public viewing events in Tbilisi.


We are delighted with the support provided by the Federal Foreign Office within the framework of the programme "Expanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia".
The DAAD Promos Programme, which is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF), also provides international mobility for our students.
The Leadership Culture Foundation promotes leadership culture in professional and social fields and supports us both during the project phase and afterwards.

Get involved

We’re always on the lookout for motivated students who are interested in international networking and broadening their horizons. We’re also happy to welcome partners who would like to support the project and help young people improve their prospects. We make this possible. The follow-up project will take place in 2019 in Baku, Azerbaijan. Preparations are in full swing. We’d be happy if you want to get involved with the project. Get in touch!